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Meet one of the largest and most reputable producers of refractory products

Since 1964, the organization has always maintained the motto "highest in quality, and greatest in service". This generation of highly trained engineers, technicians and managers are dedicated to the slogan, in order to ensure that our clients come first. Asfour's production facility is designed to feature a wide range of products and serve multiple industries both efficiently and effectively.

Customized refractory solutions

We offer a uniquely wide selection of refractory products. We customize specific orders for various industries.

Effective installation services

We do not just produce quality refractory we also offers unmatched insulation service It's our job to ensure a safe efficient and effective installation.

Continuous product development

Our products portfolio expands beyond just refractories we offer a diverse range of complementary refractory products and materials such as sanitary Chamotte, light weigh bricks.