Acid Resistant Bricks

These bricks are both chemically resistant and thermally durable. Acid bricks are created from high Silica Shale and are fired at very high temperatures. Benefits of using Acid Brick include:

  • Allowing Plastic Membranes to operate in high temperature environments (up to 450° F)
  • Protecting vessels from Acids, Alkalis, Oxidizers, and Solvents
  • Providing resistance to Mechanical and Physical Shock
  • Economizing more than other options such as Alloys or Glass Lined Vessels Lining can be shopped or field installed

Our supply of acid Resistant bricks is used for Acid-proof storage tanks, Chemical plants, Vessels/reactors, Electroplating plants, Laboratories and Heavy-Duty floors.

Asfour MR distributes Acid Resistant Bricks at the best quality and the most competitive prices.

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