Light Weight Bricks

Weighing only a fraction of Concrete and Clay bricks, these revolutionary bricks have been designed with the following features:

  • They allow for faster and easier construction, therefore saving time and labor costs without compromising structural/load bearing requirements.
  • The Bricks eliminate many health and safety issues for bricklayers/builders as opposed to Concrete or Clay bricks.
  • Fire Resistant qualities not found in any other brick on the market.
  • Using our light weight Bricks will eliminate many of the back problems associated with laying normal bricks or blocks.

Light Weight Firebricks are used in a wide array of industrial furnaces and kilns, including:

  • Hobby Kilns which are heated up by either Electric-Spiral elements or Gas Burners.
  • Hot face furnace linings or outer back-up heat lining insulation, mullite Insulating bricks are also refractory materials as they exhibit high temperature resistance.

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